Maren Morris Releases “Background Music” from Humble Quest

Maren Morris Releases “Background Music” from Humble Quest

Maren Morris started off 2022 with sharing new music with her fans as she released her single “Circles Around This Town”.

This was the first song from her upcoming album, Humble Quest, that everyone got as a preview to the rest of the project.

Now Maren is dropping another track from the project…”Background Music.”

Sharing the story behind the song, Maren says “I wrote this about the beauty of the temporary, which is inevitably all things. The romanticism of eternity sounds nice, but I like to think I savor things better when I know I’m not entitled to it in perpetuity.”

Morris adds, “It’s a love song that addresses mortality but it’s also promising someone that even when we aren’t cool anymore, I want to grow old with them and laugh about the times we thought we were.”

Check out the video for “Background Music” here…

Maren’s current single at country radio is “Circles Around This Town.”

Photo Credit: Harper Smith


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