Gabby Barrett Picked a Good One, and Now Its Number-One

Gabby Barrett Picked a Good One, and Now Its Number-One

Congrats to Gabby Barrett — not only was she just named this year’s ACM New Female Artist, but now she also has the number-1 spot on the Billboard country airplay chart!

She’s in the top spot with “The Good Ones” — a song that is dedicated to her husband Cade Foehner, because Gabby says that he is one of the good ones.

Gabby shares, “The story with ‘The Good Ones’ is I found myself a good one! People would always come up and ask me ‘Oh, how’s your boyfriend? How’s this one?’ and I’d be ‘Oh, he’s a good one. He’s a keeper.’ So, I wanted to write a song, and kind of saying that he’s a good one, and it’s about him,”

Not only did Gabby use Cade as the inspiration for her new track when she was co-writing it, but the happy couple performed it on last year’s ACM Awards…as Gabby sang, Cade was right there on stage with her playing guitar. Gabby and Cade started their love story 3 year’s ago when they were both contestants on American Idol. After marrying in October of 2019, the couple made their duo a trio this year as they welcome a beautiful baby daughter.

Cade also makes a special appearance in Gabby’s music video for “The Good Ones” which you can check out right here…

Photo Credit: Robby Klein


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