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Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania farm country, where I still own 22 acres and tractor but I’d much rather be here in Savannah, especially in the winter time.

I got into radio at 16, while still in High School. I would go to the radio station every day, some days I’d hitchhike, and I’d just hang around and learn.
When the owner realized I wasn’t going to leave he decided to hire me and I’ve been hooked on radio ever since, plus it was either radio or bail more hay and by 16
I had bailed enough hay for a lifetime.

DJ’s tend to move a lot and I may hold some sort of record for moving. I’ve lived in Wilmington North Carolina, Des Moines Iowa, Omaha Nebraska, Parkersburg West Virginia,
Columbia South Carolina, Dayton Ohio, Charlotte North Carolina, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, San Francisco California, Dayton Ohio (again), Tulsa Oklahoma, Daytona Beach Florida,
Lake Charles, Louisiana and now Savannah, Georgia, in that order. I just can’t seem to hold down a job! I’ve Programmed Country radio stations and been been on the air most
of my life. I love the listeners, love the artists and love the music! It’s hard to pick a favorite Country artist or group but Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood
all come to mind.

It’s great to be in Savannah!



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